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7 Ethical Companies to Shop at This Fall Season

The first time you learn how to shop for ethical companies it can be overwhelming. There is so much greenwashing (making a company or thing appear eco-friendly why it is not) that it is hard to grasp where to begin. So before we head into the fall season, I figured I would help come up with 7 ethical companies to shop at for the fall season.


Everlane was one of the first ethical companies I stumbled upon on my journey. I absolutely love Everlane’s radical transparency on where their clothes are made and how much money goes into making that product. At Everlane you can find beautiful pieces like this v-neck sweater or my most worn jacket I’m definitely ordering the v-neck sweater in white very soon. Everlane is the best place to go for classic pieces that will last forever. 

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Reformation has increased popularity over the past few years because of the clothing’ beautiful, bold patterns and fun silhouettes. I absolutely love this company because of their unique silhouettes and fun patterns. Also, it helps that one of my favorite YouTubers, Tess Christine, is constantly wearing some of these items. The average Reformation jean saves 88% of water compared to a typical pair of jeans. The company consists of 80% women which means that they are in charge of making your clothes cute and comfy. If you’re looking for clothes that are sustainable and on-trend Reformation is the best way to go.

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Able invests in women by giving them stable jobs in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, and even in the states in Nashville, TN. Able produces hand-woven scarves, leather goods, handmade jewelry, beautiful denim jeans, clothing, and unique footwear. This ethical company will soon become one of your favorite stores. Able is the best place to go for pieces that are durable and empower women in the process.

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Rent the Runway

Fan of subscription boxes? We’ll let me explain the magic wonders of Rent the Runway. At Rent the Runway you can opt for a subscription service to refresh your wardrobe each month. Rent the Runway offers three programs: pick one piece for a flat fee (RTR Reserve, $30), rent 4 pieces each month (RTR Update, $69 trial month), or rent unlimited pieces on rotation (RTR Unlimited, $99 trial month). All are great ideas if you have a special event coming up this fall or just want a few outfits to update your wardrobe. Rent the Runway is the best place to shop if you can’t commit to spending big money on a dress you’ll wear once or twice. You can check out their fall wardrobe here. 

Mate the Label

Mate the Label designs pieces in small doses to make sure they don’t have excess items at the end of the season. One of the biggest pollutions fashion companies have is having unsold items go to waste. The line incorporates vintage inspired graphics that embody the California-cool lifestyle. Mate the Label is the perfect place to shop at if you want unique lounge clothes. 

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Madewell is technically isn’t completely an ethical, eco-friendly company but they are making strides to become better. You may have seen on my Instagram stories that they came out with a line of eco-friendly denim. This line uses organic cotton from a mill in Italy where they recycle 100% of their production waste. The cotton isn’t treated with toxic chemicals and is dyed with shrimp shells called Kiotex. Kiotex is found in the exoskeletons of shrimp (the stuff that restaurants throw out). This replaces harmful substances that are typically part of the denim production, saves water, purifies it, and is fully biodegradable. Talk about a sweet new line! Plus, I’m head over heels on these new washes. Madewell is the best place to shop if you want a new pair of ethical jeans. 

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Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is your go-to for a colorful, recycled workout wardrobe. They use recycled plastic water bottles to produce beautiful leggings, bras, and shirts. The coolest part is that they get the plastic water bottles from environments where waste is causing life threating harm. They are by far one of the transparent athletic companies I have ever found. They even have a page that answers literally every question about their garments. The Girlfriend Collective is the best place to shop if you want bright leggings for this fall. Check out their matching sets in every color here.

Have you ever heard or shopped at any of these stores? What are your go-to companies to shop at for fall? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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