What to Wear to a Country Club Wedding
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What to Wear to a Country Club Wedding

Ahh, yes, another wedding has arrived this summer. I figured since my post on “What to Wear to a Summer Barn Wedding” was so popular that I would write a post on what to wear to a country club wedding. After all, weddings are so hard to figure out what to wear. Now, these pictures are a little bit different than my normal photos so I hope you like this little snippet into my life (and all the pretty wedding guest dresses).

What to Wear to a Country Club WeddingWhat to Wear to a Country Club Wedding

My Dress (Currently on sale and comes in mustard… aka perfect for a fall wedding!) | Shoes (Similiar)| Earrings (similar)

You can never go wrong with strappy heels

Heels with a thin strap near your ankles are all the rage at weddings. They are perfect for an instant, elegant look. If the ceremony is outside on the grass or even the after party, I recommend wearing a thicker heel instead of a stiletto. This will protect you (and your shoes) from sinking into the ground faster than quicksand. Grassy shoes are definitely not wanted during fun celebrations like this! Also, make sure you can dance in your shoes! I learned that the hard way at the first wedding I went to!

Silky materials scream wedding-guest-chic

Have no idea what type of dress you want to wear? Well, silky dresses are the best way to go about looking instantly polished. Stay away from daytime, casual dresses like cotton and linen and go for silk and technol. If you’re looking for a sustainable find check out Reformation or rent the runway.

What to Wear to a Country Club WeddingWhat to Wear to a Country Club Wedding

Have fun with accessories

I swear the best thing about being a girl is that we get to wear all different types of jewelry. Weddings are the perfect time to break out those dangly earrings you never wear, a bold lip, or even just some rings. Nothing makes me feel prettier than trading in my daily stud earrings for some statement earrings.

When in doubt: go for a wrap dress

The best thing about wrap dresses is that they literally look good on every body. Curvey? Cool, the wrap dress brings out your beautiful curves. Athletic? Cool, the wrap dress instantly gives your body a feminine look. Petite or tall? Cool, this bow helps break up your frame to give you the perfect look. I swear, wrap dresses are literal magic. If you need more proof check out this post on why everyone needs a wrap dress in their life.

What to Wear to a Country Club Wedding

Now of course, what is a wedding post without talking about the beautiful venue? The Ryland Inn was out of this world. Seriously, I’m not over how beautiful everything was. I mean can you please look at this fireplace and arch? The majority of the flowers were from my Aunt’s beautiful garden, Griffith Hill farm.

After all the group photos above were taken, the night was filled with crazy dance moves, a random wig, and mouthwatering smores. It was the perfect night with wonderful people. Cheers to the happy couple!

What to Wear to a Country Club WeddingWhat to Wear to a Country Club Wedding2What to Wear to a Country Club Wedding3

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Have you been to a country club wedding? What have you worn as a wedding guest? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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