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What’s In My Bag?

When I went through my youtube faze, my favorite thing to watch was “what’s in my bag” videos. The anticipation of what was going to come out of the bag was unearthing. So I became a follower and did a blog post for you lovely darlings. So the much anticipated: what’s in my bag…

The overview: 


Yes, the flowers were quite necessary for it is, in fact, officially summer.


Pens. I always carry pens in my purse just in case I need to write something down quickly. I’ve been meaning to find a planner that is small (probably the size of my fist or slightly bigger) because my planner right now is quite big and cannot fit in my purse. It would be nice having one I could carry at all times. If you have any ideas for a daily planner I should look into let me know!

Chapstick. So my obsession with chapstick continues. We all know that I love EOS chapstick from this post. This one in particular is vanilla mint and it’s amazing. Burt’s bees is another one of my favorites. This particular one is peppermint because I love my mint chapsticks. I think I need to purchase another Softlips chapstick soon because that has always been my favorite chapstick. Next is Baby Lips and this one is a very light pink with some girly sparkles mixed in. It’s nice to just throw in my bag whenever I want to wear something that isn’t just plain chapstick.


Headphones. I always have headphones on me no matter what because I’m a huge music listener… my father is a music teacher after all. I use Songza, Spotify, and lately a lot of Pandora for my music. My play lists for each are usually the following


  • Today’s singer-songwriters (I listen to this when I do homework).
  • Ultimate 100 (I listen to this when I’m in the shower).
  • Drop-a-beat workout (I listen to this when I’m weightlifting).

Spotify (used just for working out):

  • Workout
  • Nike Running Tempo Mix
  • Run Wild
  • Fun Workout
  • Power Workout
  • Dance Workout

Pandora (I’m new to this so I don’t have many artists): 

  • The Weeknd Radio
  • Aer Radio
  • Frank Sinatra Radio
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers Radio
  • Billy Joel Radio

I’m looking for more workout playlists so if you have any recommendations please, please, please let me know!

IMG_6409 IMG_6410 IMG_6411

Wallet. I personally love this wallet so much It’s by Kenneth Cole. It’s really useful because if I just want to bring a wallet somewhere I can use the attached wristlet and just hold it. It also has 6 big slots for things you want to use (three of which have zippers in case you’re afraid something will fall out). There is also 5 slots for credit cards and loyalty cards. I don’t believe this exact wallet is available anymore but I highly recommend looking at Kenneth Cole’s stuff because a lot of their accessories are very cute.


Macy’s Mirror. I don’t actually use this a lot. I’ve probably used it about twice. It actually came with my Miss Dior perfume with a bunch of sample perfumes… all of which came in that adorable black little bag pictured above. I put the Macy’s mirror and my sunglasses from American Eagle in the black bag.

Glitter bag. I love this cute little clutch from J. Crew. I received it for Christmas a few years back and continue to lug it around in my purses. I think it’s just so cute and perfect.


Penguin Coin Purse. This adorable little Kate Spade coin purse was a gift from my friend’s mom and I have had it in my purse ever since. If you didn’t already know I collect penguins so this just added to my collection. I used to just throw change at the bottom of my bag and would hope that some day I’d see it again. This cute little coin purse has made me so organized. Kate Spade does not offer this penguin anymore but they do have a lot more of those adorable funky coin purses if you want to check it out. Especially this adorable elephant one! 

Vera Bradley Zip ID case. Yes, I am aware I need to get a summer color. In college this is the most used thing I have. It does everywhere with my because it can care everything I need: dorm key, mailbox key, Siena ID, chapstick, and gum. I have the little lanyard to go with it as well. If you’re going to college you need these two things hands down. (It’s a perfect gift if you have someone going away to college for the first time btw!). Here are some of the ID cases and here are matching lanyards.


Siena water bottle. Not seen in the first picture but my Siena water bottle is the second most used thing while I’m away at school. I drink more water than fish… I’m really not kidding. I used to carry around a bubba container all the time but I realized that that can’t travel as easily as a water bottle that closes. So this amazing siena water bottle goes everywhere with me. Fun fact: the gold thing at the top is actually a button that fell off my coat.

Gum. This isn’t shown in any of the pictures but I tend to carry around two packs of Orbit gum on me at all times. Remember buy at SAMS club it’s so worth it… explanation here.


Kate Spade, Cassie. My first real bag still in use. I’m still impressed how huge this bag is. It can fit all the stuff mentioned above and still have room to spare. If you want to see what the outside looks like feel free to click on me! 

What is something you carry in your purse that you can’t live without? For me it is between my chapstick and my headphones!

As always,

             Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 12.01.15 AM


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