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10 Popular Blog Posts that I Never Get Sick of

When it comes to popular blog posts, everyone has ones that they love and hate. I can tell some people get bored of just scroll past some of them, but these 10 posts are the posts I can never get sick of. On WordPress, I even have these separate tags that I always search so I can always see these types of posts. So if you’re in a creative funk and still can’t get out of it even after Tuesday’s post… here are 10 blog post ideas that I’ll definitely click on. 10 Popular Blog Posts that I Never Get Sick of10 Popular Blog Posts that I Never Get Sick of

What’s in My Bag (Same Goes for Subscription Box Reveals) 

I live for these posts. One of my first blog posts ever was a what’s in my bag post. There is something about the little secrets that are hidden inside a woman’s purse that makes me so curious. The same goes for subscription boxes. I automatically become invested in what they got in their box and whether or not I could see myself buying the subscription box… ahh, influencer marketing at it’s best.

One Item Three Different Ways

Similar to my 10×10 challenge, I love seeing the unique ways bloggers come up with wearing items. I think the best part about these types of posts is that the audience actually gets to see that the bloggers wear the item more than once in life. Social media often makes it seem like each blogger gets new clothes and then never wears them again. These types of post really make you seem more human.

# Things I’ve Learned as I turn #

I’ve actually never done one of these but I will be doing one of these on my birthday. I love finding out the little tidbits of my favorite blogger’s lives and the trail and failure they’ve had to get through in order to end up where they are now. Plus, I always find the best advice in these posts.

Round-Up Posts

Roundup posts are not only great posts for when you’re in a creative funk, but they also help your readers make sure that they haven’t missed anything. I personally love it when my favorite bloggers repost their old content from a previous season so that the audience can get a refresher and some ideas for the upcoming season. It also helps give readers an opportunity to explore a post they might have missed.

Blog Tips

When it comes to learning blog tips, I definitely want to learn from bloggers who have been doing this a while. I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking up blogging tips and tricks and they always end up being some of my favorite posts. It’s always great to learn from other bloggers who have tried and failed at topics, themes, and technical issues behind the blog.

10 Popular Blog Posts that I Never Get Sick of10 Popular Blog Posts that I Never Get Sick of

# Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Okay, you obviously see a trend here… I love being nosey. These posts are great for getting your audience to know you just a smidge more. I really appreciate bloggers who go all out on these and reveal something that most people (even his or her friends) would never know. For example, that they sang God Bless America at the 4th-grade talent show and got major stage fright (aka me).

Any Musical Playlist Ever

For someone who spends a ton of tie in my car, I literally jump up and down when I see posts like this. I’m always looking for new tunes to play on my drive, at work, the gym, etc. These posts are a great way to share your great tunes and allow others to jam out too. Victoria is one of my favorite bloggers that relates all of her outfits to a song. Definitely check here out here.

Your Favorite ___ Bloggers

It’s always nice to get bloggers a little bit of a shoutout. I personally love the blogging community because some bloggers just love sharing this valuable information instead of hiding it away. Strong women support strong women. Some of my favorite posts from this is 6 thrifting bloggers to get inspiration from.

What I Eat in a Week

This one is very similar to the weird quality of me needing to know everything. I think we’re all curious about random things but this one may be taking it too far. For someone who is healthy and meal preps lunch every once in a while, these types of posts always fascinate me. Especially from bloggers, parents, etc who barely have time to meal prep. This is another great post where your audience can connect with you more.

Fashion DIY’s  

DIY’s are not only my favorite type of posts but Pinterest’s favorite types of posts. Whether you’re painting pants or beading a college sweatshirt, I want to know about it. I’m always looking for ways to revamp some of my favorite pieces. Not only are these posts great for ideas but they’re Pinterest magnets. I’ll always repost one of these in a matter of seconds.

10 Popular Blog Posts that I Never Get Sick of

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What are your favorite popular posts? Have you written any of these types of posts? Let me know in the comments down below. I would love to check out some of your posts!

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