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Bloom & Give Scarf: Help Provide Education Through Fashion

Wait, hold the phone, doesn’t this Bloom & Give scarf look a tad bit familiar? Well, if you saw my Fall CAUSEBOX review then you know that this scarf was one of my favorite items in the box. There is something about a soft, long scarf that is so perfect for the fall and winter. Plus, it definitely helps that this adorable scarf has two unique patterns going on to make it that much more interesting.

Bloom & Give is an incredible company that not only helps provide education, but they also have sustainably made textiles. Bloom & Give makes a wide array of scarves to home goods such as throws, towels, pillows and more. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite companies… all thanks to my CAUSEBOX.

Bloom and Give ReviewBloom and Give Review

Bloom & Give Scarf | Levi’s Dress | Thursday’s Boots | Vegan Leather Jacket

How Bloom & Give Gives Back to Women and Education

Partha and Madhu, Bloom & Give’s Founders, believe the best way to empower and change the social system of a country is to provide education to women. As a result, they donate 50% of their profits to provide schooling for girls in India. Partha and Madhu explain, “Research shows that educating girls is one of the most effective ways to turn the tide of poverty and fight gender inequality. When a girl goes to school, she earns more money, has healthier children, and reinvests more in her family. An education changes her life, and the lives of generations to come.” Learn about why female education is so important in developing countries here. 

The scarf that came in this season’s CAUSEBOX funded an educational program in India so that 50 girls could receive an education. These girls participated in a four-month intensive course that teaches participants to learn math, language, and life skills so they can re-enroll in high school or test out government-provided schooling with an example similar to our GED. These scarves change lives.

Bloom and Give ReviewBloom and Give Review

This Particular Scarf

The Malabar Gray Cotton Scarf is made out of 100% hand-loomed cotton in the south Indian state of Tamil, Nadu. Hand-loomed cotton from this area is renowned for the rich texture and high absorption capacity. This entire process from cotton yarn to textile requires no electricity and provides a livelihood to nearly 20,000 weavers, most of whom are women. It is sustainably made and helping the women who make the scarves get back on their feet.

Other Sustainable Scarf Companies I’ve Been Eyeing

Heshima Kenya is a nonprofit that supports refugees at risk or exploitation. They have employed over 100 refugee women who create beautiful scarves. The line helps foster leadership and business management skills by teaching the refugee women how the process works. Scarves range from $30-$40. Shop here. 

Warm Heart Foundation is a Fair Trade scarf company in northern Thailand. The collection has bright colored scarves that are made of handwoven silk, rayon, and cotton. The money goes back to the women and families that make the scarves. Prices range from $17-$80. Shop here.

LikeMary makes not only scarves but also shawls! From this post, you know I’m a huge fan of shawls. The best part about these ones is that they are made out of ethically-sourced Merino wool. Merino wool is a great fabric because it naturally removes odors and keeps clean. Plus, it keeps you really warm. Prices for scarves and shawls range from €16 – €49. Shop here. 

Bloom and Give ReviewBloom and Give Review

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Are you a big scarf fan? How do you like to style it? Have you heard of Bloom & Give? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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