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5 Products That will Save Your Dry Skin this Winter

It is finally that time of the year where it is perfectly safe to leave chapstick in the car- woot-woot! The cold temperature is great for my chapstick but terrible for my dry skin! Seriously, before I found these products I felt like my skin needed an IV of moisture. Check out these 5 products that have been giving my dry skin an IV of moisture and repair.

Dry Skin RoutineIMG_6299Dry Skin Routine

Prana Brush – Dry Brushing

For about a month, I’ve been trying out dry brushing and absolutely love it. My skin feels softer, my cellulite has improved, and my body toxins are removed. For those who don’t know, dry brushing is the act of brushing your skin in small strokes towards your heart. In return, your skin is well exfoliated, circulation is improved, cellulite diminished, and eliminated of body toxins. Dry brushing follows the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate toxins and pathogens that can cause inflammation and illness. So better skin and fewer illnesses.

I’m not going to lie, I first thought this was a little weird. Why am I going to brush my already dry skin? Within the first few weeks, I knew that this was a fantastic idea. At first, so much dry skin came off of my body that it was alarming. Now, by week four, the amount of dry skin has diminished and my skin has improved. For example, I normally get small bumps on my arms (called keratosis pilaris), which are a buildup of dead skin cells (gross, I know). Since I’ve been dry brushing, the bumps have slowly been disappearing more and more.

Prana Brush’s dry brush is made with copper bristles that are soft and fine. The copper bristles create negative ions that protect your body from free radicals and have numerous other health benefits. Each brush is handmade in Canada out of sustainably-harvested beechwood. In addition, the brushes feature an outer ring of bristles made from beautiful all-natural and ethically-sourced boar hair. You can check out this dry brush here.

Dry Skin RoutineDry Skin Routine

Ren Evercalm Sensitive Day Cream

I can 100% say that the sales employee at Sephora literally sold me this face cream. I feel like she took my debit card, swiped it, and I just nodded a thank you. With that said, thank God she did. Ren’s day cream has drastically changed my face’s appearance within a few a few weeks. It quickly soaks into your skin so that you can use it every morning underneath your make up. I normally get very dry on my forehead and certain spots of my cheeks. Now that I use a day and night facial moisturizer my skin is no longer dry and it has cleared up my skin. P.S. it smells like a mix of clouds and those stupid commercials of people dancing. See Ren here.

Graydon The Green Cream

To switch things up, I put on the Green Cream every single night. This cream is a little bit more moisturizing than Ren’s day cream. As a result, this cream is perfect for a night cream because of how long it takes to dry. When I put on this moisturizer, I massage my face in small circles moving upward. I’ve been told before that doing this helps prevent wrinkles and skin sag but who knows if that is actually true. See The Green Cream here.


Okay, I know this technically isn’t a skincare product, but I just needed to hype it up. I put a teaspoon of Moroccan Oil on the ends of my hair every night. I absolutely love how it makes my hair smell and feel. I have also been using this hair mask from my Fall CAUSEBOX. The combination of these two hair products are definitely helping my hair through the colder days. See Moroccanoil Here.

Alya Skin Clay Mask

I’m a huge fan of face masks because it gives me 10-20 minutes to put a pause on everything going on in my life. Alya’s face mask is one of my favorites because of how smooth it makes my skin after I wipe it off. When my skin is dry, it becomes very sensitive to face masks. This one is perfect for my sensitive skin and cleanses my skin without leaving it dry. The mask contains Kaolin clay that is meant to remove toxins from your skin’s surface, as well as stimulate the regeneration is skin cells! So if you have super dry skin like me, this is the perfect mask for you. Alya was also very kind to let you guys have a 15% discount with the code Peculiarporter. See the Alya Skin Clay Mask here.


What is your skin like in the winter? How do you combat dry skin? Let me know in the comments down below. 

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Disclaimer: Prana Brush and Alya Skin Care contacted me to try out their products and they personally sent me these beauty products to try. Every thought and opinion expressed on Peculiar Porter are entirely mine alone and do not reflect the views or opinions of Prana Brush or Alya Skin Care. These are my own words on two skincare items I’ve been loving. 


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