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8 Background Ideas to Show Off Your OOTD

When it comes to taking pictures for the blog, finding a new place can be hard. That’s why I always look for key elements to try and find new places. You’ll never know what you’ll end up finding! Check out 8 of my favorite places to take blog photos.

#1 A Brick Wall

From the beginning of this blog, I’ve always loved taking outfit pictures in front of brick walls. My boyfriend’s friend even asked him why I love brick walls so much. Okay, so maybe I over did it in the beginning but that doesn’t take away from how great a solid brick wall is. The plain but interesting background makes an outfit pop without taking away from an outfit. Look for a brick wall if you are wearing a ton of neutrals and want to stand out.

#2 A Fancy Doorway

I admit, I have a weird thing with doorways. There are so many that jive with an outfit. With painted front doors or iron gate doors, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your vibe perfectly.

#3 A Low Fence or Guard Rail

If you can find something you can lean on, a low fence of guard rail is perfect for just that. Personally, I love finding a detailed one or with broad iron. If you go in order towns you’ll be able to find maybe of these pretty fences.

#4 Stairs with Pretty Decor

Stairs are a great way to show off your outfit with a different pose. If you’re in a “hipster” city or town, you can normally find pretty stairs with sayings or tile.

#5 An Empty Path

Similar to the brick wall, when you stand in an empty path the eye is naturally drawn to the main object (aka you). Plus, you can find some interesting paths with funky architecture, nature, or scenery.

#6 A Good Ole’ Tourist Site

There is nothing wrong with taking a tourist picture for your blog or instagram! Sometimes the best photos come when you’re looking from a different perspective. Think of how you can make them different or more exciting with your poses.

#7 Flowers, Vines, and Grass

Lately, this has been my favorite thing to pop a pose in front of. It’s been a ton of fun trying to find the greenery in the big, bad city. Plus, this always make photos seem a tad bit more natural and fun.

#8 By the Water

Who doesn’t love a good summer shot? Since I visit Rob in Long Island we end up take a few pictures by the pretty water. This is perfect for long, flowy dresses or something you can move around in. Plus, the colors always seem to brighten up by the water.

Where is your favorite place to take photos? Let me know in the comments down below.

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