Let’s talk about Madewell Fair Trade Denim + What That Means
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Let’s talk about Madewell’s Fair Trade Denim + What That Means

When a company starts to make strives for a more sustainable future, they need a pat on the back and a little cheer saying “keep on going”. Over the past few years, Madewell has quickly become one of my favorite companies to shop at because of how durable their products are. Earlier this year, they launched a line of fair trade denim and I was jumping up with excitement. So what does it mean to be fair trade certified…. keep on reading to find out.

Let’s talk about Madewell Fair Trade Denim + What That Means
Let’s talk about Madewell Fair Trade Denim + What That Means

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What Does Fair Trade Certified Mean?

When something is fair trade certified it means that the company has gone through a rigorous inspection to be qualified. Being fair tried certified certifies the entire supply chain to ensure fairness at all points. This means that employees are provided with benefits like maternity and paid leave, have equal pay, and employees aren’t subjected to factories with harmful chemicals. Whenever you buy a product with the Fair Trade Certified seal, you help drive additional funds back to the people who worked hard to make that product.

Madewell’s Fair Trade Factory – Saitex

My first post about sustainability was talking about the hash reality about denim production. Making jeans can be hard on our environment and the people making the jeans. Denim uses an insane amount of energy and water when making a single pair of jeans. Saitex, Madewell and Everlane’s denim manufacturer, makes denim a little differently. Not only do they air dry 85% of their denim to reduce energy but they also recycle 98% of the water used to wash the denim. The recycled water is so clean you can actually drink it!

Proceeds Go into a Community Development Fund

A portion of profits from Madewell’s fair trade denim goes into a community development fund. Workers at Madewell’s denim factory decide where that extra money is goes. It could be to provide education, a day-care center, or an on-site clinic. Where the money goes is entirely up to the workers who make Madewell’s fair trade denim. That means by shopping fair trade you’re helping these factory employees to better childcare, education, and so much more.

So How Do Madewell’s Fair Trade Denim Feel?

The short answer is that Madewell’s denim is beyond comfortable. I can bend over, squat, and move about my day while feeling comfy. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the high waisted jeans because they’re not only flattering on my body but they’re also the comfiest. Madewell’s fair trade denim line comes with 24 different items with different washes and styles. With the growing popularity of the line, I expect more washes and varieties to continue to come out.

Let’s talk about Madewell Fair Trade Denim + What That Means
Let’s talk about Madewell Fair Trade Denim + What That Means

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Have you tried jeans from Madewell’s fair trade denim line? Let me know in the comments down below.

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