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What to Wear to a Formal Winter Wedding

If you read my blog post last month, I talked about how I am trying to be more present in real life. Unfortunately, that means my blog life slipped through the cracks this past month and boy did I miss it. If you’ve been following me for quite some time, you know that I typically put out new blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday. For the entire month of February, I only created one blog post simply because life started to get busy. From weddings to birthdays, February was a big month filled with laughter, smiles, and happy memories.

Speaking of happy memories, let’s get to the good part. On February 22, two of our college friends got married at Russel Sage in Troy, New York. Their ceremony was absolutely stunning with a full chorus, cheerful smiles, and one beautiful wedding dress. Needless to say, I shed many happy tears at the wedding and during the toasts. (No really, I went through two tissues)!

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Darker Colors are Always a Good Choice

If you’re going to a winter wedding, it makes sense to opt for darker colors. Although the wedding I attended was in February (aka pink season), I opted for a burgundy dress because I thought it was more seasonal appropriate. You definitely don’t need to stick to this color idea but it is a good place to start while looking for dresses.

Colors that are always a good choice for a winter wedding: dark green, burgundy, navy, plum, dark mustard, or black.

Anything Below the Knee for a Formal Wedding

Whenever I need to decipher a wedding dress code I either A. ask the bride or B. look at The Knot Wedding Attire Cheat Sheet. For a formal wedding, they say the man should wear a tuxedo or formal dark suit and tie while the woman should wear either a long evening dress, dressy suit, or formal cocktail-length. Depending on where the wedding is you might want a floor length gown or you could opt for a longer cocktail dress. For a formal wedding, anything below the knee is a good place to start.

Consider the Venue

Since Nick and Danielle’s ceremony was in a church, I wanted to make sure that I kept my shoulders covered during the ceremony. This is definitely not necessary, but something to consider if the lovely couple is getting married in a church. I put on a leather jacket to cover my shoulders and took it off during the reception.

Look at Rental Service First

I really, really wanted this wedding to be the first wedding that I rented from Rent the Runway. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the playing cards. I looked for weeks upon weeks on Rent the Runway and the date just kept creeping itself closer and closer. I eventually panicked and picked this dress from Lulus (not a sustainable store at all). My hope is that I’ll be able to wear this to another winter wedding down the road or even a New Years party. If not, I’ll find a home for it on my good ole’ Poshmark account. But, yeah, consider looking at Rent the Runway. P.S. they have a few Reformation dresses on the site that are sustainable, affordable, and super cute!

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Have you been to a winter wedding? What did you end up wearing? Do you have a favorite color to wear to a winter wedding? Let me know in the comments down below.

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