Big News: I'm Moving!
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Big News: I’m Moving!

I have some crazy big news! By the beginning of May, I’ll be a Jersey girl. Last week, I accepted a job in New York City and I couldn’t be more excited about this new adventure. I literally just signed the papers to my lease yesterday and was jumping up and down like a crazy person. 

Big News: I'm Moving!
Big News: I'm Moving!

What I’m Most Excited About

Oh my goodness, I don’t know where to begin. I’m excited, nervous, happy, sad, thrilled, amazed, and so many more emotions. I am so excited to be able to walk everywhere, start my job in fashion, be closer to my college friends, decorate the apartment, and just be a real grownup. I’m also happy to stop my hour commute of driving. Mind you, I’ll probably still have a long commute (30-50 minutes depending on traffic and wait times), but at least I won’t be driving. It’s seriously a dream come true.

When I’ll Share Details About the Apartment

I definitely see the apartment coming together room by room. I don’t see it being perfect straight from the gecko. Which is exactly why I plan on sharing the rooms one by one once they are finished. I haven’t decided if I’ll share the apartment before everything is moved inside but only time will tell. You can get a perspective of what I’m thinking through my Pinterest.

What to Expect on Peculiar Porter in the Upcoming Months

There will definitely be a learning curve as I tackle on the big bad city. I’m going to have to learn, quickly, how to master the subway and bus system. Growing up in rural Connecticut, this was something I never really had to deal with. Nonetheless, I plan on continuing to post every Tuesday and Thursday about sustainable fashion, thrifted finds, and eventually things about the apartment. I’m really excited to play around with new content ideas so definitely stay tuned.

Big News: I'm Moving!
Big News: I'm Moving!

Pants (Thrifted) | Shoes (four-years-old) | Shirt (Organic Cotton)

NYC-Based Poncho by Siizu

If you’ve been following me for a while, you would know that I have a soft spot for ponchos. It’s like you’re wearing a blanket while looking put together. This one is from my Winter Causebox. It is made by Siizu, a company based in NYC (aka my new home). They use a variety of different fabrics that are environmentally friendly. One of the coolest fabrics they use is called Seawool which is made out of recycled oyster shells. Oysters also have a soft spot in my heart because they help remove nitrogen from the water and my boyfriend is an oyster farmer. You can see me helping with his scallop businesses here.

The poncho I am wearing is made out of LENZING Viscose which is derived from renewably sourced wood and manufactured with an environmentally responsible process. Talk about a cool company!

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Any advice to someone who is moving into their first apartment? Any advice on living in New York City or Jersey? Let me know in the comments down below.

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