A Walk in My Commuter Shoes: Rothy’s Sneaker Review
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A Walk in My Commuter Shoes: Rothy’s Sneaker Review

Now that I started working in New York City, comfy shoes are a must. I consistently heard great things about about Rothy’s sneakers at trade shoes. Thankfully I listened to all of the good chatter because these are great commuter shoes.

Before I start this post, I need to give a big shout out to Sabrina’s Rothy’s review that helped me decide whether or not to get a pair. She is such a talented, sustainable fashion blogger. If you don’t read her content already, now is the day to start!

My Sneakers

A Little Background

Rothy’s started their business in 2012 and have grown exponentially. All their shoes are made out of recycled, single-use plastic bottles. The shoes are available in four different styles: the flat, point, loafer, and sneaker. I ended up getting Rothy’s Sneaker because I figured they were 1. very similar to the Steve Madden pair I wanted to replace and 2. looked super comfy.

They’re Beyond Comfy

Since I’ve been in the city this month, I’ve walked over a hundred miles. Mind you not all those miles were in my Rothy’s but that’s a whole lot of miles! The shoes feel great on your foot right out of the box. I didn’t have to break in the heel at all and they have enough of a platform where your feet don’t hurt after walking a few miles. When I first started wearing them, my pinky toes did feel a little crushed. After wearing them for about a month, I don’t have that problem anymore. As much as I love my Rothy’s, the comfiest pair of shoes are still my allbirds.

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Washable – Say Good-Bye to Stinky Feet

Okay, this is definitely TMI but Steve Madden makes a shoe that is a very similar style with fake leather. I love those shoes to death (even though they’re not sustainable what-so-ever) and I wore them to the dirt. The back logos ripped out, the soles wore out, and they smelt horribly. Since they weren’t breathable it felt like your feet were wrapped in plastic wrap every time it was hot. Thankfully, the Rothy’s are a close comparison in style, breathable, and washable. So say good-bye to those stinky feet!

They Go With Everything

Jeans, dresses, skirts – you name it, they go with it. I was really looking for a shoe that I could wear on my commute and get away with wearing at work. Many people in the city have a commuting pair of shoes and switch once they’re at work. You could definitely do that with Rothy’s or you could just wear them straight throughout the day.

Something to Consider…

I do need to point out that the Rothy’s I purchased were supposed to be black but they’re actually a blue-black. Depending on what lighting I am in they can look blue and sometimes they can look black. I believe it’s because of the different plastics they use but that’s just my educated guess. If you’re someone who is very particular about colors, this is definitely something to take note on.

Would I Buy Another Pair?

Absolutely. Since they are beyond comfortable and go with so many different outfits, I would definitely think about getting a pair in a different color. Personally, I love the Rothy’s Sneakers in camo and I’ve been looking at these black, pointed flats.

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What are your favorite shoes to wear to work or to commute in? Let me know in the comments down below.

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