Aromatherapy: Bath and Body Works Haul

My name is Logan Porter… and I have a problem. I’m addicted to Bath and Body Works candles. Addicted isn’t even the right word… I’m obsessed. I have over 30 different candles from Bath and Body works, and I have no intention to stop buying them. With that said, I have never fallen harder for the two candles I’m about to share. I literally can’t stop shoving my nose in their paths. I’m intrusive, rude, and above all in love with these scents.


Rosewater and Ivy

Fragrance Notes: Soft Rose Petals, English Ivy, Soft Musk… happy tears from angels.

What it Smells Like: Coming home from a long day of work to find fresh cut flowers on your clean, kitchen table. You then go upstairs to take a long bubble bath and melt away every trouble that has ever entered your mind.

I fully admit that the reason I picked up this candle was because of it’s beautiful “marble” casing. I loved the soft pink on the granite and the beautiful label. No judgment, I already admitted I had issues. After cramming my nose in the white wax, I fell hard. I crawled up the candle in my tired, shopped-out arms and carried on to find an equally great candle. And that is when it happened…


Comfort: Vanilla and Patchouli with Natural Essential Oils

Fragrance Notes: Vanilla Absolute and Patchouli Oil

What it Smells Like: Being embraced by a loved one you haven’t seen in a long time. You then wrap up in an enormous, fuzzy blanket and watch your favorite Netflix show for the next four hours.

This scent is the reason I thought it was the utmost importance that I shared this little haul with you. After lighting the candle for a quick hour, I started putting the entire line in my online shopping cart (a habit I am too accustomed to doing).

I’m obsessed with this beautiful, rich smell that makes my crazy mind feel at ease. The point of these two fragrances being added together is because the vanilla is supposed to bring a calming to the mind to encourage relaxation while the patchouli oil creates a sense of harmony. They really were not kidding when they said that “comfort” was going to enter your home with this candle. I feel like I’m being hugged by God himself.

As for the body scrub… I’m typically not the biggest fan of body scrubs just because most tend to be too harsh on my skin. After trying this scrub, I take it all back. I’m a huge fan… call me a fangirl if you must. The scrub is made of walnut shells and vitamin E to smooth and soften your skin and it smells like a dream come true. The best part about it is it doesn’t leave that sticky-just-washed skin feeling. Instead, your skin feels like silk that has just been spun. The smell itself is actually the reason I spent the past hour looking for perfumes that smell like this. Sadly, until Bath and Body Works makes a perfume I’m ‘stuck’ with their lotions, creams, scrubs, soaps, and more. Fingers crossed that they hear my cry.

P.S. if you’re looking for a fantastic quick gift they make a gift set of Comfort’s lotion and body wash. Trying my hardest not to buy it for myself right now. 


What is your favorite scent from Bath and Body Works? Have you tried anything from their aromatherapy collection yet? Let me know in the comments down below.

By the way, do yourself a favor and check out Comfort… it’s worth it I promise.

As always,

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BootayBag Review

Disclaimer: BootayBag contacted me to try out their subscription service. They personally sent me October’s package. Every thought and opinion expressed on Peculiar Porter are entirely mine alone and do not reflect the views or opinions of BootayBag. 

Subscriptions are like getting little presents in the mail. I’m a huge fan of online shopping simply because I love getting mail. BootayBag reached out to me recently and asked if they could send me a month subscription to their underwear service. When they messaged me, I admit I was a little hesitant. I was worried that it would make my blog cross too far to an unknown territory. But, the more I thought about it and the more I researched the company, I decided why not. After all, we all wear underwear so why not talk about it?


BootayBag is a subscription service that sends two pairs of underwear straight to your door for $12. Nothing makes me feel better than a new pair of underwear, so I decided why not try it out. I’m a big fan of underwear. With that said, I’m also a huge critic. I hate when underwear slips and slides underneath a cute pair of pants. I usually hate having a harsh elastic on my underwear, but I became very found of the elastic on the pink pair. I love that it doesn’t roll up like other pairs of underwear. Plus, the band was much thicker than their underwear. I also loved the silky material and intricate floral pattern on the purple pair.

Personalized underwear selection: Always thongs, never thongs, and mix it up.

If you’re someone who always wears a particular style you have the option to pick between always thongs, never thongs, and a mixture of both. Since I was curious about both sides, I opted for the mix it up option. I liked getting pairs I wouldn’t normally reach for, something only a subscription service can offer. 

If you post a picture of BootayBag on Instagram and hashtag it #undermatters, BootayBag will donate $1 to charity. (The charity switches every month).

Now the average person probably wouldn’t flash their underwear on social media, but BootayBag makes you want to live life on edge. With every Instagram post that is posted with #undermatters they’ll donate $1 to charity. Last month the profits went towards Houston SPCA and this month the money will be going towards breast cancer research and education.


Would I buy them on my own?

Bottom line: yes. I love the idea of getting new, updated underwear delivered to your home. It’s like two days out of every month where you know you’re going to feel g-o-o-d. Plus, you might end up with a pair you wouldn’t normally reach for so you get to try out something different. 


Would you try a subscription service for underwear? Have you ever tried BootayBag? Let me know in the comments down below.

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What Is In My Fall Bag?

Hello darling! You might have seen this bag in my earlier Lark Fest post. I’m in love with this earthy color. I’m so glad I decided to get this rich green instead of the matte black. They also had a white and black combo one. This bag is redicously perfect for fall because of its rich color and dipped texture.


I love following the “What’s in my bag” tag on WordPress! Some of the things people lug around is so fascinating to me. I’m just obsessed with finding out what people carry around in their purses… is that weird? The anticipation of finding out if they carry around a knife or a small rodent is thrilling. Okay, sadly I don’t carry around either of those things. I’m actually pretty boring when it comes to what I carry. But I figured I’d give you an update on what I’ve been lugging around because my last “What’s in my bag” was in May of 2015.


  • Pen: This pen is embarrassingly from the Saratoga Race Track. I needed to purchase a pen in order to write on one of the race books… this pen cost me $6. I’m not proud of this super expensive purchase, but now I always carry around a pen!
  • Sunglasses: These are from this random shop in New Jersey. I love the cat eye frame on my face. I feel like I’m traveling back in time when i wear them.
  • Hand sanitizer: I always purchase a bunch of these every year from Bath and Body Works. It is something you always should carry around in my opinion. This scent is one of my favorite and is called Apple Wreath.
  • Headphones: I feel like this is always a necessity. I love listening to songza so I have my headphones scattered around like a mad man.
  • Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate sea salt caramel: these are literally my weakness. When I eat this, I get the same feeling I get when I see puppies; this gooey feeling inside my heart.
  • As for these lip stains I love the pigment and this plum color for fall. This particular style of matte lipstick smells like a candy store. It isn’t very matte when you swatch it but it is matte when you apply it to your lips.
  • Nivea is my go to chapstick! I usually go for peppermint chapstick but recently fell in love with this one. I do apply this very often thought the day. I wish it lasted longer on my lips.


It wouldn’t be a purse without a few pieces of gum and a wallet! I recently have been trying to ween myself off of chewing gum and replacing them with mints. I still have this case of gum though. After I finish it, I’ll have to get a little can of Altoid mints. As for the wallet, this is from my summer bag but wanted to carry it over.

What do you carry around in your bag? I’d love to find out if you carry around something funky. Link your blog post in the comments or just let me know!

As always,

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“Red” My Lips

Hello darlings! I recently bought some of these radiant Revlon lip stains. They’re phenomenal because of how long they last and how creamy they feel on your lips.

I admit, I’m typically not a lipstick wearer. My daily make up does not usually include lipstick, but I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and try something spunky. These lip stains are perfect for someone who is not used to wearing lipstick because you almost feel like they’re not even there. It’s like wearing a lip gloss! Since it’s a stain, you don’t even need to worry about reapplying it every two seconds. I reapplied my lipstick after lunch and it was good for the day. I tried to take if off for my pilates class at 6 and it was still on! So Revlon really means it when they say lip stain!


Colors from left to right.

045 New York Scene has an elegant, rich velvety color that. This stain has a slight plum color mixed with red tones. This particular one is my favorite because of how rich it is. It’s a great stain that stays on for an extended amount of time, which is perfect since it’s a rich color that you’ll want on for a long time.

001 India Intrigue has a slight touch of glitter in this purple/pink color. This color is particularly great for catching city lights or a summer sunset. I would wear this to a going out to a play in the city or even to a friend’s bonfire. The great thing about stains is if you eat a s’more you’ll still have some color on your lips!

015 Barcelona Nights has such a vibrant, pinky color that is sure to add a pop to any outfit. I think it is perfect for a night out with the girls during happy hour. It would be great paired with a crisp, white shirt for a very dramatic entrance.



Pictured above is 015 Barcelona Nights and 045 New York Scene


The two pictures above are 001 India Intrigue and 045 New York Scene.

Have you tried any lip gloss stains? Have you ever tried the Revlon lip stain? Let me know in the comments if you have any stains that you recommend to someone who doesn’t wear lipstick often.

As always,

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Nail Polishes I Use All Year Long

Hello darlings! I want to share some of my favorite nail polishes. I typically use these all throughout the year. I love dark hues so all my other nail polishes are pretty much always dark blues, reds, or browns. However, sometimes when I’m feeling girly I’ll wear these light beige colors. Enjoy this goofy video. When taking the pictures for this video, I squatted the entire time… I hope you’re impressed.


Starting with the top left and going all the way around:

Salon Pro by Rimmel London (421 Clearly Clear). I recently bought this one actually because I was running out of the nail polish below. I really, really, really like the brush of this particular nail polish because it is flat. It’s so easy to use and the consistency of this nail polish is more watery than the second clear coat I list. Since it is more watery it dries faster and easier. Kind of a win win.

Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen (100 Invisible). Like I said earlier this particular nail polish brand is a little bit thicker and goopier than the others. However, I do like this brand a lot because I feel like the nail polish is harder to peel and chip off. I tend to pick at my nail polish quite frequently so thats why I like this brand so much.

Revlon Parfumerie (Bordeaux). I love this color and this brand. I would probably buy every single color. But if you thin the nail polish actually smells then you’re going to be sadly mistaken. I mean it does smell different from other nail polish but it definitely does not smell like perfume. However, this color is my favorite of the bunch.

Nuance by Salma Hayek (Prickly Pear). I’m actually surprised I didn’t put more of this brand in this video/picture because I love this brand. The only sad part is that they don’t have many colors. But look how cute the bottle is and the brush is flat like the Rimmel London clear coat… so naturally I’m in love.

Color club (Baldwin Blues). If you love this color then I’m really sorry to say I have no idea where you can purchase this. Most of the nail polishes on this list you can get at a CVS but I don’t even know how I came in to the possession of this nail polish. But it has become one of my favorite colors of the summer. Sorry for the let down… hopefully you didn’t catch the Baldwin blues… ha ha.

OPI in some colors I have no idea what the names are. My brother’s girlfriend gave me these two colors for Christmas and I love them. They’re such an uplifting color. I actually have to go to Sephora to get more of these colors because I’m running dangerously low.

Fresh Paint in Passion Fruit. Now that I’m reading the name of this color I’m really quite upset. Passion fruit is not lavender… shame on the person who created the name. However, this nail polish was found at 5 below so obviously the guy who is getting paid to think of ‘creative’ names for this nail polish probably doesn’t really find that much excitement at his job. Oh well. Still a SWEET color.

Maybelline Color Show (Neutral Statement) and (Gilded Rose).  I paired these two together because I always wear them together. If you need some awesome in your life I highly recommend you get some Gilded Rose in your life and paint everything you see in it because it’s the prettiest darn color. I talked about it in my December post that I was wearing it all the time… yeah, it is still an obsession.

And last but not least,

Salon Pro by Rimmel London (Soul Session). It has the same brush that I’m obsessed with in the clear coat… what a surprise! Also these two nail polishes have Avec which basically is some word that means that it will dry faster than other nail polishes. I mean how cool is that? Also this color is basically the same as Neutral Statement because I was running low on it and wanted to try something new… and look I fell in love woohoo.


Okay before you put your nose in the air, yes, these nail polishes are from the dollar store. Who cares? I’m not going to spend the Sephora price for design nail polish. Waste. It’s pretty much the same exact thing anyway. So if yo wanna be smart about your money like myself (ha) then go to 5 below and get these awesome polishes. 5 for $5 can you get it any better?

Before I let you go back to your life, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret about me. I’m obsessed with nail polishes with funny/good names. It’s really the only reason I get nail polishes from OPI. Like I don’t care if the color looks like wet throw up… I’m probably going to get it if the name makes me laugh. If you’re every incredibly bored of if you friends dragged you unto a make up store… just go to the nail polish section and read the names… Oh goodness I sound like a crazy person. Well… in case you’re worried I don’t read the dictionary for fun… I do have a word of the day app…….

Join the conversation: what are your go to colors? Do you awkwardly read the labels of the nail polish?

As always,

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P.s. if you can guess how many pictures are in the video I’d be super duper impressed.

How to Get Your Best Summer Skin

Hello lovely people! Thanks for stopping by. Today I felt like sharing my skin care routine… well obviously you already know that because you already read the title.


I love St. Ives. I’ve always been a huge fan of this company. I originally started off with an orange one and within time I branched out and tried more of their products. One of my favorite parts of this brand is that they consider themselves as a natural exfoliants so their products are natural. On the back of each product they actually rate how much of an exfoliation it is. The three products I have are all moderate except for the oatmeal one which is gentle.

  • Green Tea Scrub. I’m currently using this scrub. Like all these scrubs they’re not too harsh on your skin. They’re very light and gentle. This one is supposed to just clear your blackheads and calm redness in your skin. It also has salicylic acne medication so if you’re looking for acne reducer this one is great.
  • Pink lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub. If you’re in the store and you need a scrub just smell that one and you’ll be sold. I think this one is a little bit more harsher because it is supposed to make your skin even and bright.
  • Oatmeal Scrub and Mask. This one is a little bit interesting because you can use it as a scrub and a mask. If you want to use it as a scrub you just use it normally but if you want to wear it as a mask you just put it on for 5-7 minutes. I think that is a very unique and different kind of face scrub because you can use it two different ways.


  • Equate Beauty Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. This is a just like the St. Ives brand but not as good.


When I have time, I love putting on a mask. It’s so relaxing. I love the freeman products you can find them at CVS and they usually have a sale like buy one get one half off.

  • Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. This mask is meant to deep clean and purify pores. I typically have combination skin which means I basically get oily in my T-zone and dry else where. I really like how my face feels after I use this product but during the process your face gets tight, feels very dry, and is uncomfortable. Not the relaxing vibe a get. However, I continue to use it because, like I said, your face feels like a baby’s butt afterword.
  • Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask. Different from the clay mask, I love the way this feels on my skin. It slightly warms up on your skin and you get to basically massage your face with the scrub. Obviously I love scrubs from the picture above, but this is the holly grail of face masks. I can honestly say that I feel purified after I do this mask. I feel all the make up, dirt, pollution, etc escape from my face. On the back it says, “Naturally purifying activated charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities without over-drying. Then, Black Sugar helps exfoliate away dulling skin cells for softness and clarity.” I feel exactly that.


  • Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra-Blast Pads. I typically put this on before I go to bed. It helps get the extra oil from out of my skin. Whenever I’m breaking out I make sure I dab this onto the area.
  • Burt’s Bees Radiance Serum. I recently found this product and I really like it. There is a little dropper in the bottle and you put 3-4 drops in your hand. I rub my hands together and then rub it all over my face before I put my make up on. It’s a very soft and lightweight lotion.


  • Clean and Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening facial cleanser. I love the smell of this so much! It takes the oil off your face without drying it out.


  • Gold Bond Ultimate Softening with Shea Butter. I put this on every night on my eye lids. Not really a reason why but I always do it.

Not pictured:

P.S. don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink a lot of water!


When I was taking these pictures this cute little garden snake came out. Sorry for the poor quality picture I was trying really hard not to scare him!

Join the discussion: What are your favorite skin care products?

As always,

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Summer Scents: Bath and Body Works Haul

Hello! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time now. I went to bath and bodyworks a while ago and meant to rave about their lovely products. Since I was little, I’ve always loved Bath and Body works. They have such great deals and a lovely array of different lotions, perfumes, hand sanitizers, lip glosses, and wallflowers. Here are some of the products I’ve recently purchased.


Bath and bodyworks almost always has a buy 3 get 3 free sale. I purchased three of these lotions and got 3 free. Pretty sweet deal. The pumpkin latte & marshmallow and the cashmere woods autumn are obviously more fall scents but I thought they smelt so lovely I had to keep them in this post. The rest are fairly summer smells. Sea Island Cotton has always been my favorite scent because it smells just like clean laundry. I put that particular one on every single night before bed. These lotions are very, very hydrating.

  • Pumpkin Latte and Marshmallow. Smells just like a fresh pumpkin latte with marshmallows. There is also a hint of the lotiony type of smell if you understand what that means.
  • Pear and cashmere woods. This one smells pretty sweet and sour. I smell a lot of the pear.
  • Endless Weekend. This one smells a lot sweeter than the previous one. Smells like lychee yogurt tastes like.
  • Oahu Coconut sunset. Smells like coconut and vanilla. This might be my new favorite lotion.
  • Beautiful Day. This is the sweetest one I bought. Smells like apples and flowers.
  • Sea Island Cotton. Like I said earlier it smells just like fresh clothes.


Hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works are typically buy 5 for $5. It’s hard to smell these ones until you put it on. They all smells fantastic. My favorite one is Island Margarita because it’s very, very sweet.

  • Malibu Sunset
  • Island Margarita
  • Pacific Cool Breeze
  • Endless Weekend. This one matches my lotion. Woohoo.
  • Coastal Surf and Sun
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Gelato 


Those are just some of the wallflowers I bought. I love wallflowers so much because they smells so good. I wish Bath and Body works had less sweet smelling ones and more softer ones. I currently have American Boardwalk in and it smells like Carmel apples at a fair. If I could eat it I probably would. I also love, love, love their candles. Actually I rave so much about their candles it was in both my December Favorites post and Juicy January Favorites post.

It’s actually a great time to post this haul because right now bath and body works is having a huge sale! 20% off your entire purchase with the code BeachBash and up to 50% off particular items! Also they have candles 2 for $24 when one candle is normally $22. So I would check that out if I was you.

Join the discussion: What’s your favorite scent from Bath and Body Works? Are you going to shop till you drop?

As always,

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