Billie “Jean” is Not My Lover

Hello darling! Okay, so this is post is a little weird because I was hoping all of the snow would have melted by now. I actually took this “shoot” two days before the giant two-foot snow storm. Right now, I’m looking out my window seeing long forecast of rain and still about a solid six inches of snow. No worries, I’m staying positive. After all… rain does bring flowers, right?


I may be a fashion blogger, but I’ve actually never owned a jean jacket until now. Yes, you read that right. Jean jackets aren’t usually up my style ally because I tend to dress more preppy and edgy than causal. I really wanted to spunk up my wardrobe and venture out to new exciting outfits (don’t we all), so I decided to get this jean jacket.

Advice: Look for a jean jacket that hits above your hips so that it is easier to style.

I liked the way this jacket fit because I wanted a jean jacket that would hit just above my hips. I knew I wouldn’t be wearing this jacket with a lot of pants because, lets face it, I mostly wear jeans and jean on jean is not a trend I particularly enjoy. Also, jean jackets look awesome with dresses and skirts for when it is warmer out. For this look, I decided to wear my favorite sateen purple jeans from American Eagle and a baggy, speckled sweater. Since the jean jacket hits higher than the sweater, it definitely creates more of a layered look. Lastly, I threw on a pair of pointed, light-grey flats that instantly elongated my legs.

Styling Jean Jacket


Styling Jean Jacket


Obviously, I had to add a little bit of my personality to this adorable jean jacket. I was shopping online on Forever 21’s website and found out that they sell a pin pack that contained a cactus! If you know anything about me you know I’m obsessed with cacti. How couldn’t I be? When I went into the store I looked high and low for the pin package but couldn’t find it anywhere. I was about to leave and… there… it… was! They seem to have stopped selling the pin pack online but if you’re on the hunt for a cute personality pin pack definitely check out my girly runner up purchase.

Jean Jacket Pins

Styling a Jean Jacket

Do you own a jean jacket? If so what is your go to outfit with it? If you don’t own a jean jacket… would you ever purchase one? Let me know in the comments down below!

As always,

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72 Holiday Gifts for Her

Hello darling! Are you at a loss for what you might want to give to that certain someone? I put together photo sets from nine different stores that will hopefully give you a few ideas on what to get that certain girl. I hope this gives you at least some kind of inspiration on what to give to that special someone.

American Eagle.

Anything from American Eagle would be a safe gift for anyone because they sell basics with a unique flair. Not only are their pieces unique but they also last forever. You’ll literally give a gift to someone that lasts forever. For example, I still have the same jeans from freshman year of high school because they’re still in perfect condition. If you know someone who typically wears things that have lace or random elements on them I would try looking at American Eagle.

Current promotion: 40% off and free shipping, jeans buy one get one free, $15 pjs, $20 sweaters.

american eagle.jpg


Francesca’s is definitely the perfect store for the girly girl hostess. They have such a wide arrange of fun nicknacks such as cheerful pillows, fun accessories to throw in your purse, coloring books, and decorative signs. The store offers adorable lacy clothing that is sure to appeal to the girly girl. If you don’t want to gift clothes, I would definitely recommend looking at their jewelry selection and their home gifts selection.

Current promotion: Home & Gifts buy one get one 50% off and Bogo mixer buy one get one 50% off.

francescas .jpg


The next two stores are definitely stores for the girls who are trying to try out the newest trends. Tobi has a wide range of interesting clothing so if you see on someone’s wish list something like “off the shoulder shirt” or “unique shirts” I would look at this website. I’m literally obsessed with this velvet blazer and I’m sure your style guru will too.

Current promotion: All new products are always 50% off when added but right now they’re 60%. You also get 50% off your first order.


Forever 21

Just like Tobi, Forever 21 is definitely a store to go to for the trend setter. From overalls to statement necklaces you’re sure to find something for everyone here. Brace yourself if you plan on going its the actual store though. It’s like the gym the day after new years… everyone wants a piece of something. My recommendation? Buy everything online and make sure you get a gift receipt because their sizes tend to be pretty interesting.

Current promotion: $20 off when you spend $100 or more. 70% off winter items.

forever 21.jpg


Okay, I don’t know what it is about make up but girls go insane about it! It’s something to do with the pretty colors and getting to look a certain way. Anyway, there are tons and tons of kits and tricks you can get from Sephora. One of my top 10 favorite gifts I’ve ever received (#1 is a blanket) is the scent certificate. Okay, before you skip to the next store hear me out. You get a package of 5 different scents to try out and they you get this certificate where you get to buy a full roll on perfume. Since perfume is definitely something you can’t just get anyone, go for this because that way they in a way get a gift but they also get to pick out their present. Kind of a win win. Trust me its not a cop out like a gift card it’s a really cool present.

Current promotion: Check the sale section because some of these packages are on sale.


Bath and Body Works

If you only knew how insane I become when candles are in the mix. Okay, who doesn’t love candles. Okay, lame question I know. But they make any room warm and smelling like happiness. The best part? With some candles you can even get matching lotion, soap, hand sanitizer, and perfume. That may be going overboard but it is definitely an option! My advice is to not buy this online because you don’t know how it actually smells. If you really don’t want to go in person to buy things, I listed some great candles below.

Current promotion: Candles are half off right now ($12.50). Everything else is buy three get three free.

bath and body works.jpg

Urban Outfitters

Know someone who is incredibly difficult to shop for and they won’t tell you what they want? Well welcome to Urban Outfitters were everything hipster is right at your disposal. Things range from mirror trays, to sarcastic books, to random wall decor. Going in this store makes you feel like you’re in some type of universe, but their website is incredibly helpful and all sorted out like a charming charlie (only a few of you will understand that comment). When it doubt wander over to their book selection because thats where I go as soon as I enter an Urban Outfitters. If you’re trying to be productive click on their gift tag and you’re all set. There is even a men’s and a women’s section to be even more helpful.

Current promotion: $20 off 100.

urban outfitters.jpg


Through all of their social media presence on accounts like Facebook and Instagram, I’m shocked I haven’t heard of this company earlier. I was pleasantly surprised by the adorable sleepwear and active wear sections. My family always exchanges pjs on Christmas Eve and then opens presents in them the next morning. It’s a little tradition that has carried on year after year. AdoreMe’s pjs are perfect for the Christmas morning and opening up presents. They have a variety of different pants and colors that almost replicate Victoria Secret’s but for a more affordable price. You can see the similarity in the black button-down set. Also, I adore that you’re buying a set when purchasing things. For example, you’re getting both the top and at the bottom of each of the sets in the pictures below. But the real reason I added this website on my epic christmas gift list was their unique activewear selection. They have joggers with mesh pockets and leggings with mesh cutouts. They even have matching tops to go with the bottoms! Their activewear selection would be a great Christmas for everyone who loves to work out and look trendy while doing so.

Current promotion: 1 set $24.95 and free shipping!



Trying to buy something for someone who is the definition of preppy? Head over to J.Crew and feast your eyes on all of the beautiful colors. You really cannot go wrong with anything form J.Crew, but you might want a gift receipt because sometimes the sizing is a little bit different on some items. Regardless, gifting any of their items are a great gift. I mean can you really go wrong with two fat otters on a sweater?

Current promotion: 50%-60% off everything online!


I hope this helped! You’re for sure to find a great present for that certain someone. Let me know if it did! Check back tomorrow to see my post about a gift’s that help the world.

As always,

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Transforming a Summer Dress to Fall

Hello darling! Do you hear an alarm going off in your head or home? Yes, I am repeating not only one item but two items! I wanted to show you guys how you can transform a summer dress into a fall one by adding a few items. No really! All you need is a cardigan or poncho of some sort, tights, maybe a belt, and some booties. There you go! Your summer dress is now able to be paraded off as a fall dress.

This summery striped dress is the same one I wore in the 90° weather in this post. It has quickly become one of my favorite dresses because there are so many different things you can do with a simple black and white stripe item. A stripe dress has become a necessity in styling… almost as close to a necessity as a little black dress. You can throw on different color shirts over it, mix and match patterns with polkadots, or even throw on a simple blouse.

I then threw on the same poncho I was wearing in this fall post. If you’re not a fan of the olive green, the poncho also comes in black, maroon, and beige. If it was a little chillier than it was this day you can pile on a long sleeve shirt and tie a knot at your waist. It is a layer that makes you look as if you’re wearing a skirt instead of a dress.

Since the dress isn’t form fitting, I decided to belt the poncho and dress at my waist. As a result of belting in the dress and poncho at my waist, it automatically made this outfit more put together. I then threw on a pair of sheer tights and a pair of suede J.Crew booties. Botta-Bing-botta-bang. There are so many ways where you can transform a summer dress into a fall dress with the right accessories. If you’re super careful, sometimes you can even transform it into a winter dress. That is another day though!




What are some of your favorite ways of transforming a summer dress into fall? Let me know in the comments down below.

As always,

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Temperature is Dropping, But I’m Not Stopping

Hello darling! Happy November! November is one of my favorite months because of the lovely fall leaves. There is something about the crisp air and the crunching of leaves that really makes me feel at peace. I am thrilled when I can finally pile on more layers. I think fall style is one of the most unique things to look at because it can be created in so many different ways. All of the different elements people add are interesting to me because I can see glimpses of their personalities come out of thin air.

For this warm outfit, I decided to really pile on the layers. My base layer is this rustic orange, turtleneck dress. This beautiful color is perfect for fall because of all the different leaves it matches with.  If you want to see this dress styled in a different fall look click here. My next layer is one of my favorites. This polkadot, chambray button down is a perfect add-on for any layered outfit. Since my other layers are pretty dark I wanted to add a little bit of more definition to this outfit with the chambray top. Since it was extra cold this day, I decided to add a puffy vest underneath my favorite suede jacket.

Since there are so many different styles incorporated into this outfit (edgy, sweet, relaxed, and preppy), it makes it so unique to me. I am not really one to stick to one type of style. I really like pulling elements from many different trends because it creates something so unique to me. Since this outfit doesn’t have a million different colors it doesn’t make the outfit so overwhelming. This outfit would have come across differently if I had other colors instead the the black, blue, and orange.



What are some of your favorite layering elements? I love tucking in flannels underneath sweaters and then throwing on an edgy element on top of that preppy outfit. One of my favorite layering outfits is this one.

As always,

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Susie Has a Suede Tooth

Hello darling! Don’t you just love how you can wear pretty much any texture you want in the fall and get away with it? Leather, suede, flannel, cotton, spandex, lace, the list goes on and on. Normally, I love mixing up all of the fun textures and having an insane outfit, but for this outfit post I decided to keep it simple. I wanted to put a little spot light on the material suede. I’m so happy that this material has started to jump more and more out into the fashion scene. For those who don’t know, suede is just like leather but softer and usually not as edgy looking. Don’t get me wrong, you can definitely edge up this material, but usually leather is way more daring than suede.

The suede elements of this outfit are my favorite. Whenever I throw on this suede jacket, I feel incredibly chic and confident. It’s something about the matte black and the way the zipper folds. This jacket was on some insane sale at Forever 21 last year. You need to check out their sales racks from time to time especially at the end of a season. You’ll find major scores like this one. I had to throw on my J.Crew suede flats because they match so perfectly. The tassels are really what have my hooked. I hope its a trend that stays for a while.

Now I’m not someone who normally wears gray, but when I saw this grey turtleneck dress in Forever 21 I had to get it. It is made out off this soft, stretchy material that you have to fall in love with. I also love that it isn’t just this plain matte gray. It has speckles of other types of gray mixed into it, which makes the dress appear more textured than it actually is. If you don’t know by now, I love shift dresses. I think everyone should own a few and then another one just incase something happens to the other three.

I decided to splash on a bit of color with my necklace. I adore this orange and black necklace from J.Crew. In comparison, it makes this outfit more suitable for the day of Halloween. If you don’t love the black and orange combination, I think you’re crazy!

What do you think about suede? Do you like it more or less than leather and why?

As always,

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My Favorite Fall Color

Hello darling! I hope you’re having a wonderful day filled with pumpkin spice lattes and happiness. I’m actually not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes, but since I have ears I know they’re all the rage this time of the year. However, my inner basic child does crawl out around this time and screams on the the top of the mountains, “I love fall!” Yes, fall is probably my favorite seasons… but it tends to change year by year. My favorite part of fall is when the leaves start to change. As soon as they fall, I know that a long winter season is ahead. If I didn’t live in New England I’m not sure if fall would be my favorite season only because of how magi

Since it still isn’t technically fall yet (September 22), I can get away with wearing outfits that don’t have a million layers. Trust me, those posts will be coming and they will be filled with lots of fun ways to incorporate layers! As for now, I can get away with wearing this simple shift dress in the 75° weather. I’m silently praying that it started getting colder so I can wear my enormous cardigans. This adorable, open back dress is from Forever 21. It is made of this incredibly light weight, soft material that makes you feel like you’re wearing a bed sheet. My favorite part of the dress is the open back that allows you to show off a cute bandeau. I decided to throw on same necklace I wore in my last post because it is incredibly eye-catching.

If I was wearing this dress at night time I would throw on my suede, motorcycle jacket. I don’t currently have a picture, but I will certainly do an outfit post with it later on in the delicious fall season.


What are you rocking during this warm fall weather? Link your blog posts in the comments or let me know! I love trying out new outfits.

As always,

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Photo Credit: Danielle Giammatteo

Don’t Sweater It

Hello darling! Are you enjoying the autumn air like I am? I’m a huge sucker for the fall air and I don’t feel guilty at all. I love rich crimson red, olive greens, and brunt orange surrounding each and every corner. Also colder weather means you get to wear more layers, which is always a good decision in my book.

I decided to show you one of my favorite looks for the fall because I think it’s a staple outfit everyone should have. Not only is this outfit extremely easy to throw together, it’s also as comfy as yoga pants. Personally, I’m not someone who can ever bring herself to wearing sweatpants to class, but if you’re like that I totally recommend you giving this outfit a try. I would definitely wear this outfit to an early Monday or Friday class because of how comfy it is. You can still be comfy without sacrificing style.

Start with a shift dress because they’re the comfiest of all dresses. This particular one is a sweater dress from Forever 21. What is even better about this dress was that it was only $14. Forever 21 has this particular dress in many different colors, but I decided on this incredibly bright orange color because it would be a great contrast with this olive poncho. Ponchos like this are a great addition to any wardrobe because they are extremely comfy without sacrificing a dressed up look. This look would look incredibly different if I threw on a sweatshirt instead.

I decided to throw on a huge chunky necklace to balance out the outfit. I thought it was a great piece to add because there was so much that was covered up in this outfit. Sometimes, when I’m dealing with a lot of fabric I tend to throw on a big necklace to balance it out.

As for the shoes, I wanted to keep the outfit with the fall tones so I opted for these adorable woven Sperry’s. Not only are they cute, but they’re extremely comfy.





What is your favorite thing to wear to an early Monday class?

As always,

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Small February Haul

Hello, darlings! I went on a little shopping spree last month. I shouldn’t be left alone with a computer and access to my debit card. It always results to these types of posts. Here is what I bought in the month of February…

I have a problem. Every time I go into American Eagle I’m sucked into the third dimension. I usually dart straight to the sales rack and then slowly work my way to the front of the store… if you want to get great deals I recommend this strategy.

I ended up purchasing two dresses and a simple ring. The first dress I thought it would be a great cover-up at the beach or an interesting piece for Coachella because of the nautical feel. The second dress I may or may not have fell in love with. It was on sale for $14.99 and the color and style is wonderful. I’ve actually already done a blog post about it see here.



Bath and Body Works had a sale for $9.99 for each candle. The first candle is from the collection White Barn, a company Bath and Body Works carries. It is called “Sundress.” It smells like fresh bedsheets that have been drying out on the line mixed with lilies. I love the lid of this one. It is one of the candle containers you want to save because it’s so adorable.


This second one is “Beautiful Day” from White Barn also. It’s a smell that gets you excited for spring. It smells like sweet, juicy apples and flowers that have just blossomed.


I have this warm and gooey feeling when I see this belt (insert freshly made cookies). I got it at Ralph Lauren outlet for $27.99 (I had a 20% off coupon). Stay tuned for later this week, I’m doing an outfit post on it and couldn’t be more excited.


This wonderful suede jacket is from Forever 21 and was originally $59. I lucked out big time and scored this jacket for $7. I’m so happy the weather has been warming up so I get to break out this jacket. Like the purple dress above, I’ve already made a post on this jacket here.


I bought these earrings for $6.99 at Forever 21. I have silver dangly earrings but was on the hunt for a golden pair. These earrings are a great addition to my collection.


I also purchased these wonderful shiny earrings from J.Crew. I think the little rhinestones are a perfect touch in these rather simple studs.



I was in need of a winter hat because Albany gets really cold in the winter. I can’t tell if I’m lucky or unlucky because I haven’t been able to wear this hat yet. It has been so nice out lately. I guess the groundhog was right. I’ll let you be the judge if I’m lucky or not


Last but not least, I purchased a little Vera Bradly bag to carry small items in. Isn’t this pattern and the frilly detailing wonderful? I haven’t decided what I wanted to use it for. If you have any ideas let me know!



That is my little haul! I hope you enjoyed it! Does online shopping or the sales rack always get the best of you? Let me know in the comments down below!

As always,

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Fe Fi Fo Plum

Hello darlings! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA for the past two weeks. I’ve been struck the homework bug that has kept me very, very busy. Luckily, yesterday was an extremely nice day and I was able to take some pictures for you.

This plum dress was and is currently on sale at American Eagle for $14.99 because of a coupon I had. Since the dress has a baby doll waistline, it is very comfy. Plus, it’s a great rich color and has 3/4 sleeves. It comes in washed out navy and black too. Feel free to check them out here.



In this previous blog post, I talked about getting a suede jacket from Forever 21 for $7. It was originally $69. I was extremely excited to already be able to break it out so early in the season. I love where it hits on my waist and the camel color. It’s a spunkier look from the classic jean jacket and dress combination.


I’m obsessed with these beautiful, feminine flats. I know last season the big trend was gladiator sandals, but these lace up flats are a more feminine and classic touch to those comfortable shoes. These chic flats are a great way to add some attitude to your outfit. They come in a wide variety of colors such as royal blue, plum, light pink, black, and black etc. These particular ones are from TopShop but there are a lot of different styles and colors on LuLu’s, DSW, and Nordstrom.  If I end up getting another pair it will be a lighter color like light pink or light brown. What color or pattern is your favorite?


In my January favorites post I talked a little bit about my favorite rings. I haven’t stopped wearing them since. I’ll be doing a post about my February favorites in the next week or so. Be on a look out for that!


I hope to not disappear again! I’ve missed your comments and opinions. Let me know what you’re doing and wearing for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s going to be mid 60s here! I can’t wait. I’ll be going to a parade with my friends! I’m excited to wear a lot of green and reminisce Ireland.

As always,

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Coming in Clutch

Hello darlings! I had some wonderful fun at the park taking pictures for you guys. This outfit is one of my favorites because it is so comfortable. Peplums are one of the most flattering top you can own. Since the hem hits the smallest part of your body, it makes you appear smaller. You can see this effect happening in my other post too. This particular beet purple top is from American Eagle. They usually have a lot of these very casual peplums in the summer time so be on the look out if you want a similar top. The jeans are from Aeropostale. I used to work at Aeropostale for a little bit of time and they make a lot really cool different styled jeans. However, they’re cheap feeling. If you want jeans to last you a long time I recommend American Eagle jeans or J. Crew jeans instead because they are better quality. Aeropostale jeans are great for trying out different styles because you don’t have to pay a ton of money for just trying out a different style of jeans.







This adorable little J. Crew clutch was a gift from my brother. I think it is so cute and goes great with with ripped jeans to add some more texture.


Rings, rings, and more rings! I love rings. They’re so much fun to spice up an outfit. I particularly like rings when they have a very thin band like the one on my thumb. The band is actually wavy around the whole band. Then a simple jewel is added. I got this ring from Francesca’s. They’re kind of expensive for rings but I wear this a lot so I think it was worth it. For the rings on my middle finger they’re mix and match ones from Forever 21 and H&M. There is a ‘pearl’ ring, ‘diamond’ ring, spiked ring, and balled ring. They make a perfect stacked combination.

As for bracelets I have a bracelet from Chole and Isabel and a bracelet from Alex and Ani. I actually did a post about the Chole and Isabel bracelet you can click here to see more information on it. Both were lovely gifts.

Hype this look on lookbook! 

Join the discussion: Do you love peplums or stacking jewelry?

As always,

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